We know you may still be hesitant to travel. We here at The Dolon House and Jim Thorpe take your safety [and ours] seriously.  We are open, and our reservations are open on-line — and of course we always enjoy hearing from you in person, help to plan your stay, and address your questions and concerns.  570-325-4462.


Mask use [covering mouth and nose] is required in the house while in common areas, and on the property. We also have masks available here. Social distancing is reasonably easy in this big old place, and we tailor our check-in process to your needs… as brief or thorough as you like.  We are already known for our cleanliness but in addition, we do extra service on cleaning and sanitizing ‘touch points’ [door handles, light switches, railings, etc…] regularly and frequently. We have hand sanitizer available as well as disinfectant wipes. And we perform enhanced cleaning and sanitizing in our guest rooms.  We restrict entry to the house to registered guests only at this time.


We will definitely keep offering our personal services, suggestions, what-to-do, etc… for you, with your safety in mind. It’s a great time to partake in walks, hiking, bicycling and scenic drives. We do perform our daily housekeeping service to freshen your room, unless you request otherwise.


Breakfast will still be a fabulous experience, just not all at one big table; we are now at five tables in the dining room. It is extra important at this time to have advance knowledge of your dietary proclivities.


At this time the restaurants and pubs in town that are open, most with indoor and outdoor seating.  As the weather cools more, we’ll all be adapting to the 50% inside seating mandate- so patience is a good tool. We are happily to have a table set for you here at the house to enjoy your dinner— we do request please no dining in your guest room.  We have wine “packages” available featuring our favorites from Galen Glen Vineyard too…


Thank you in advance for your patience during these times; we appreciate your understanding and are excited to see you at The Dolon House!  Please mention anything else that would add comfort and confidence to your experience.

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