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In a nutshell, we have strayed from the traditional B&B breakfast and are leaning heavily towards “Spa Cuisine”, which in honor of Carbon County’s history, we have dubbed it “Coal Cracker Spa Cuisine”, utilizing fresh, local ingredients that taste great and are so good for you.  There is a true pleasure and pride knowing that our eggs come from the free range girls, our produce from a variety of close by farm stands [abundant in these parts], locally sourced meats from the likes of Thomson’s Meat Market in Walnutport and freshly blended and roasted coffees and hand-blended teas from Morghan Rake in Effort.  And if you are lucky enough to be here on a Sunday morning, we strongly believe that a, “Adult Beverage” is the perfect kick off to the ensuing breakfast.. with thanks to Galen Glen Winery in Andreas, and their award winning wines and fabulous Pink Bubbly.  We are more than happy to create breakfast around your dietary needs and/or peculiarities.  For your best experience, please let us know of these in advance.  We serve breakfast at 9, and you should plan to be at the table a good hour, so we suggest planning your bike trip, rafting adventure - whatever -  for after that.


And, if a really early departure is a must [sorry!], we will gladly prepare a ‘breakfast box’ for the road. This requires 24 hours advance notice please.

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